Kings Dominion

Ahhhh...just got back from a rockin good time at KD--it is AMAZING!!!  and the number of people in the park was actually perfect--the most i ever had to wait to ride a ride was 20 minutes--that was only once and the rest of the time the wait was 5 minutes or less.  awesome! greg and alyssa came along (as did many others), but this is particularly amazing because greg just had knee surgery two weeks ago, is still walking around in a fliexible cast and could only ride three of the rides(that didn't require him to bend his knee).  he hobbled along with all of us all day and was really a trooper.  

My favorite was the volcano--i rode it three times.  the dominator--also amazing, and we renamed it "the dominatrix", which added glee to all of our days!  i had pizza and beer and got lots of sun--what an incredible day off.

My friend Charles has never been to a theme park - We are soo  doing that when he comes back to the States! He's been on this earth far too long to have never ridden a rollercoaster--it's really pathetic and disappointing.

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