Did i tell you about this event?  

Every year, the Dallas Margarita Society (how cool is it that they have one of those?) hosts a charity margarita party in dallas at the Adams Mark Hotel.  The hotel is HUGE and they take up three floors.  

You have to get an invite, and then you bring a toy to donate.  it is absolutely fantastic-and this was my first time ever attending the event.  Plus, the dress attire is formal, so it's a good excuse to look all snazzy.  

One floor is dancing and cover bands, one floor for jazzy music and smoking, and one floor for casino gambling.  Plus, all the margaritas are free!  Granted, they aren't top shelf, but they are free but they also ran out of margaritas at 10:30 PM, which kinda sucked.  

But, they did have other bars.  and they have a midnite breakfast, which is pretty cool.  anywhere between 9 and 12 thousand people come to this event.  wow.

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