Pimps 'n' Ho's

I spent New Years at a pimps and hos party at Gerrit and Leah's friend's home in dallas.  

I decided not to go "all out" ho, so my outfit resembled more of an escort that had fallen on hard times and was using a pimp, but was bitter that she had to do so.  

Gerrit, of course, was my pimp, although i was being negotiated for all nite long.  Gerrit, aka "El Guapo" never gave me up, though.  he knows which hos to hold onto.  he sold off his gay ho and kept me and his wife.  

it was lots of fun and we played and stayed at the party until 4:30 in the morning.  

Sarah Fallon: Hot Like Salsa, smooth Like Chocolate.. Come Taste Me ...