The Girl Who Fell to Earth

I was in a  golf cart accident.  i really don't look so pretty right now. i have abrasions on my knees, elbows, face and shoulder.  

The girl whose lakehouse we were at decided to take us around the country club in their golf cart.  While going down a hill at far too fast a speed the cart began to tip towards my side--the passenger side.

i fell/jumped out to avoid the falling golf cart, rolled down a hill and slammed into the tennis courts.  Good times.  i then proceeded to get EXTREMELY drunk to take away the pain so i could sleep.  it will all heal, and nothing is broken, but it still smarts.

After the wreck, all of my friends regaled me with stories of what an awful driver this girl is and all of the other mishaps she has had over the years in moving vehicles of all sorts.  all of this would have been great information to have BEFORE i got in the cart...  Schmucks!

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