The Walking Wounded

here they are after one week!  my mom is shocked at how well i am healing, especially since i am a smoker.  Apparently we aren't known to heal well, but i DEFY that!

While i have been healing, i have received much joy from all of the people asking me what store clerks, random strangers, convenience store clerks.  if i happen to be out with a person of the male persuasion, i just answer, "he beats me".  usually this gets a pause and then a laugh as i am pretty sure women who actually get beaten never tell random strangers that that is the case.  i then tell them, "it's okay, though...he sends me flowers the next day and tells me that he really loves me"

this has provided me with countless minutes of entertainment over the last week.  not sure how i am going to top this incident in my dear diary section, but i will try!

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